This Brave New World

Episode I: Origins
Our First Steps


It had been 5 days after Tekoth had gone missing from the depths of the McFadden Well and yet another child had recently been ripped from their room and dragged through fields before having their trail run cold. The council of Port Arthur convened and decided to send a two-man group as a rescue party/initiation.

The cleric-initiate of Pelor, Alben and the firemage wunderkid Ogrin were chosen to brave whatever might lurk in the depths beneath the well. Before the council was adjourned, a dwarf from Underwood burst through the doorway demanding to know if he was in the right place to claim moey for a bounty. It turns out that Baron Varil, the principal landowner to the north of Port Arthur has offered a reward to anyone brave enough to venture into the well. The local Lord Mayor decided to hire the dwarf named Modred and have him join the party.

The group rests for the night, agreeing to meet at the well the next morning.


As dawn breaks, the party gathers and heads over to the McFadden Well.


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